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Himmler praised himself and the SS for cleansing Germany of the Jews and insisted that there must never be another — referring to the German revolution of that year, allegedly brought about by a coalition of Jews, Bolsheviks and criminals. Gangs of organized criminals, the so-called Ringvereine , supposedly dominated by Jews and Communists, were said to be subverting German society and undermining the war effort. According to Himmler:. When a man was released from the penitentiary, an organization was already available to him, organized by a comrade who had been released from the penitentiary two or three months earlier. They would agree then: we will do a big job because we must make some more money again.

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Mastering Modern European History pp Cite as. As with the rise of Mussolini to power in Italy the failure of the Weimar Republic and the triumph of totalitarianism was due to the interaction of the potential weaknesses of the German constitutional and political structure and social and economic circumstances , which bred extremist attitudes. The man who represented these extremist forces and the bitter resentment of German nationalism, and who harnessed them towards his achievement of power, was Adolf Hitler. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

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The Weimar Republic and the Rise of Hitler 1919–39

The term "Weimar Republic" refers to the city of Weimar , where the republic's constituent assembly first took place. In English the country was usually simply called "Germany"; the term "Weimar Republic" did not become common in English until the s. After four years of hostilities in World War I from to with heavy losses, Germany was exhausted and sued for peace under desperate circumstances. Awareness of imminent defeat sparked revolution , the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II , German surrender, and proclamation of the Weimar republic on 9 November

Michelle Mouton's study of family policy in the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany is based upon an impressive range of archival source material, as well as interviews. Her book is the first on the subject to treat both the Weimar and Nazi eras. Weimar policymakers tried to strike a balance between upholding traditional values and adapting to the changes engendered by modernity. Mouton shows that both Weimar and Nazi policymakers used legislation directed at families to increase the birth rate and improve public health.

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Artists for the Reich


FrГ©dГ©rique F.

Many Germans also blamed a Jews and communists for the armistice. This myth spread amongst. German civilians. They called it Dolchstoss. The Weimar.


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There was nothing inevitable about Hitler becoming Chancellor of. Germany in January Five years earlier the Nazis had been a small party in German.


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The Treaty of Versailles damaged Germany's economy making the Weimar Republic weak from the start. People blamed the leaders of the new German republic.


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While we often think about talented artists fleeing the clutches of the Nazi regime - forced out or sickened by the strictures placed upon them - we rarely consider those artists who willingly stayed behind.


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