shell and tube heat exchanger catalogue pdf

Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger Catalogue Pdf

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Published: 02.06.2021

Flow rates range from , gallons per minute.

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Effectively Design Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers (PDF)

We welcome your request for quotation on your specific heat exchanger problem, and we will help you find a suitable solution fit for purpose. I will personally estimate, calculate and offer you the best available heat exhanger solution, for your specific application and project, on short notice. If outside of our product range, we can still assist in the selection and procurement to best suit your application. We represent high quality products that are competitive within their markets. For Secespol heat exchangers, please mail your RFQ to info att renutec dot se for a rapid calculation and offer:.

TEMA designations for shell- and -tube heat exchangers. A disadvantage of this design isthat since the bundle is fixed to theshell and cannot be removed, the outsidesof the tubes cannot be cleanedmechanically. Thus, its application islimited to clean services on the shellside. However, if a satisfactory chemicalcleaning program can be employed,fixed-tubesheet constructionmay be selected for fouling serviceson the shellside. In the event of a large differentialtemperature between the tubes and the shell, the tubesheets will be unableto absorb the differential stress,thereby making it necessary to incorporatean expansion joint.

Contact supplier. Favorites Like. DM is optimized for Ra and RF refrigerants at medium pressures Capacity range - kW. The Alfa Laval DM model is a dry-expansion shell-and-tube evaporator developed for medium temperature refrigeration applications. With its innovative single-pass counter-current design, Alfa Laval's DM shell-and-tube evaporator series guarantees maximum efficiency, low cost and a new level of competitiveness. Very good thermal performance is achieved thanks to a patented and dedicated distribution system and new baffles, which minimize the shell bypass.

BROCHURE shell & tube heat exchanger (pdf)

Home About My account Contact Us. Click on the picture to download the heat exchanger brochure in, Custom designed, state-of-the-art hydraulic tube expansion — eliminates spiral stress and work hardening and minimizes damage to the tube finish, Double tube sheet- eliminates the possibility of cross contamination, ABC's insulation jacket - allows for independent expansion of the heat exchanger while eliminating stress on the shell side inlet and outlet ports, Fully radiused pass pockets - offers industry's best drainability, Custom designed, state-of-the-art orbital tube welders for tube-to-tubesheet seal welds, Proprietary tube-bending apparatus for U-tube designs ensures product contact surface finish adherence in the U-bend area, All heat exchangers with surface finishes of 0. Stationary Tube sheet 7. Twitter Widget shows the Xylem brands twitter stream and has a feature for like and retweet. Quality is the cornerstone of our heat exchangers from start to finish. Necessary Preference cookies help make our website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation. Specially designed computer software combines fluid dynamics, thermophysical properties, thermodynamics and actual empirical data to ensure your shell and tube heat exchanger design is perfect for your application.

BROCHURE shell & tube heat exchanger (pdf)

You now receive a two-year warranty from date of shipment on all Allegheny Bradford heat exchangers. We have built a reputation for quality in the design and manufacture of heat exchangers for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and other industries. As the recognized leader in the industry, we offer today's most advanced stainless steel processing technology, along with a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing you with products that deliver unparalleled performance and dependability, along with the responsive customer service you need. When it comes to heat exchangers, ABC sets the industry standard. Quality is the cornerstone of our heat exchangers from start to finish.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

For other process parameters, we offer custom-engineered solutions. Please contact us for details. The example below shows a simplified sulfuric acid concentration plant to illustrate this:.

What are Heat Exchangers?

The parts are listed according to the model range and appear as a simple zoomable expanded-view drawing. The software is free of charge. A complete selection of pressure vessel approvals and certifications for stationary and marine applications is available. A selection of materials and a wide approval choice is available.

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Plate heat exchanger General heating and cooling duties.


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The shell side usually contains theprocess fluid and the tube side water f;om the t o w n mains or a cooling tower or an ethylene glycol solution from a chiller unit.


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