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By Jesal Shethna.

Covid Updates. Continue scrolling to find a detailed guide about reading body language, or use our Table of Contents. Whether at the office or out with friends, the body language of the people around you speaks volumes.

Body language is a type of nonverbal communication in which physical behaviors, as opposed to words, are used to express or convey the information. Such behavior includes facial expressions , body posture, gestures , eye movement, touch and the use of space. Body language exists in both animals and humans, but this article focuses on interpretations of human body language. It is also known as kinesics.

How to Read Body Language – Revealing the Secrets Behind Common Nonverbal Cues

Non-verbal communication skills, also called sign language or silent language, include all behaviors performed in the presence of others or perceived either consciously or unconsciously. Considering the research method, i. In this study, we did not encode the articles. The results of this revealed that there was a strong relationship among the quality, amount and the method of using non-verbal communication by teachers while teaching.

Under non-verbal communication, some other patterns were used. It seems necessary for the teachers to practice and learn effective communication skills, especially for those who always interact with a large group of students.

One of the factors contributing to the success or failure of students is the quality of the relationship and how the teacher builds this relationship with students. Especially, it is more effective for students who are more responsive to human relations and communication skills.

Finally, it is recommended that the teachers should improve their communication skills to have better communication with their audience. God not only created speaking potential with diverse dialects in the human body, but also taught him how to use it through inspiration, his inner instinct, or external guidance. Among different forms of communication in human communities, education, or teaching, requires effective communication with the learner if it is to be successful.

The person with a holy job as teaching should be competent in a variety of skills, one of the important of which is body language or non-verbal communication. Subsidiary questions: To deeply survey different aspects of the subject under the study, the following questions were posed: 1 What is non-verbal communication?

In this study, we reviewed the available and related articles to the research subject and objectives. The students undergoing inappropriate behaviors in class and school have learned such features as obedience, adaptation, lack of assertiveness, and avoidance from objections, all of which have deteriorated their tendency toward curiosity, creativity, self-esteem, and independence 3.

Such students usually lack sufficient self-esteem and independence and have no favorable attitude toward their own personality. Such features are not consistent with educational aims and hinder proper education. In a study on the factors affecting improvement in educational communication, Mortazavi 5 stated various effective communications in the educational fields including pictorial communication, the Internet and computer relations, relationship with the learning environment attention, etc.

Synthesis of findings : The synthesis of the results of the studies reviewed can be summarized as follows:. Man needs to communicate with others in his daily life. Daily activities show that many activities cannot be performed without communicating with others.

Many researchers and experts have defined communication. For example, Aristotle defined communication as the use of available resources to find a way to encourage others express their ideas and opinions. The aim of communication is to develop motivation in the addressee.

Communication means social development and the source of culture and spiritual development so that lack of communication leads to a relative static state in human life, which prevents any kind of social development 6. One of the characteristics of professional teachers is their ability to engage in effective, meaningful and purposeful relationship with educators.

Various methods of communication suggest these skills as those of the relationship between voluntary and involuntary, formal and informal, one-sided and two-way, and verbal and non-verbal communication.

Safavi 7 points out in his research that different definitions of teaching have been provided by different researchers, all of which have two characteristics in common:. The stronger this relationship and the communication skills are, the deeper the outcome of this interaction will be, i. Only in this way the teacher can develop and emerge the students' potentials.

Non-verbal communication is often more subtle and more effective than verbal communication and can convey meaning better than words. For example, perhaps a smile conveys our feeling much easier than words. According to the studies conducted, at each conversation only seven percent of the concepts are expressed in the form of spoken words.

Most of the information is transferred through the complex combination of appearance, posture, limb movement, sight, and facial expressions.

So, the people who have the ability to use these skills have the potential to guide others in a particular direction to achieve their goals, and precisely for this reason most of the human interactions involve non-verbal communication. Body language has the power to transfer the attitudes and feelings of people to others and in many cases can be even more effective than verbal messages 8.

In this regard, numerous studies have been conducted by Oskouhi et al. As mentioned above, proper communication between the teacher and students is the most important skills in teaching. If this relationship is well established, educational goals will be more easily realized with a high quality.

In the process of communicating, three main factors play a role, including signaling teacher , messages instructional , receiver student 9. An important point in communication process is that the teacher-students relationship in the classroom is one of the complex human relationships, and certainly different ways are involved in how to establish this communication, e.

Such communication can be defined as total relationships that can be achieved through speaking and conversation. Teachers should use the words carefully to be successful in teaching. Each word provokes a feeling in people, specific emotions, and distinct function.

If the words are applied in their proper place, it would affect the soul and body of the audience immediately. Therefore, it is appropriate that the teacher avoids using negative words in dealing with the students, i. A successful educator in the field of teaching should be aware of the power of words and its impact on the audience and avoid using words habitually without thinking.

Also, ordering is one of the conflicts which leads to failure in human interaction. The teacher should express his opinion with proper words and within the defined framework for his comments to be effective and penetrating.

Therefore, the teacher, as the sender of the message, should first determine the framework of his message and then express his expectations of the students frankly with appropriate tone and words 3. But using biased phrases often raises a sense of stubbornness and humiliation in the trainee, puts him out of the cycle of learning and deep understanding of scientific content completely, and leaves irreparable psychological effects on the student.

In the selection of words, the intended concept must be exactly in the words of the educator. It is appropriate to use clear, concise, accurate, polite, correct and rich expression in oral communication with the audience to transmit the speaker's intentions to the audience properly 4.

Verbal skills are generally divided into four parts: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Among these skills, speaking has the higher degree of importance and usefulness and has more decisive impact on oral communication with the audience It is worth noting that speaking skill requires non-verbal communication, or body language to complete its impact on the audience.

In interactive communication which is based only on words and phrases, and the message sender does not use any non-verbal communication methods such as facial expressions, eye contact, and overall condition of the body and hands movement, we cannot not expect proper understanding of the message from the audience.

More than half of our face to face conversations are non-verbal and sign language, and gestures express our feelings and attitudes without saying a word. Also, if the teacher uses humiliating speech, his relationship with the students will deteriorate 3. Facial expression, eye contact, physical appearance, etc. Facial expression is more effective than other modes of non-verbal cues and gives us a lot of information about the emotional status of others to the extent that some theorists believe that facial expression is the most important source of information after language.

In the field of teaching, certainly one of the main characteristics of good teachers is good communication skill in classroom, and most of the observed stress in the classroom arises from the lack of proper communication 4.

The classroom administration and constructive conflict resolution in the classroom require good communication skills, the most important of which is non-verbal skills. By using this skill, teachers can play a major role in the success of their students. Therefore, it should be mentioned that non-verbal communication can supplement or replace verbal communication; it is either a repetition of verbal messages, making verbal communication more prominent and specific, or completes the verbal communication.

Human beings use non-verbal behavior in order to complete their interpersonal interaction; they rely on non-verbal behavior to recognize when to speak, when to let others to speak, and how to speak. Non-verbal communication often makes interactional concepts since communication always has two literal and conceptual levels of meaning, and this type of communication is associated with semantic level.

It reflects cultural values. This claim implicitly indicates that most of the non-verbal behaviors are acquired during socialization and are totally variable, depending on culture and traditions An important point in non-verbal communication is the use of this relationship, especially when teaching correctly and timely An appropriate method of using non-verbal communication is that the teacher gives problem solving assignment to the student according to their intellectual ability.

He shows them that he is aware of their abilities and creates motivation in them. These mutual reactions are not important in school; rather, they are important in all human relationships, especially between parents and children An experienced speaker begins his speech by talking directly to one of the listeners, tries to look at each student throughout the speech one by one, and changes the tone of his voice during a speech so that the students do not get tired.

The teacher should not put his hands in his pockets, as this limits his activeness. Another important point is that the teacher must look at individual students. Otherwise, the students will have the impression that the teacher is ignoring them, so the effect of looking at the audience is undeniable. Conscious use of non-verbal language is not a show, but rather it makes the effects of individual words better; the more natural the non-verbal language is, the more acceptable it is to the audience.

Teachers who use non-verbal language properly have a better relationship with their students. Often some barriers to effective communication, both verbal and non-verbal, arise in the classroom. In order to communicate properly, especially in the case of non-verbal communication, it is necessary that the educator identifies the factors detrimental to effective communication and resolve them. The main obstacles are as follows 9 :. This indicates that human beings automatically listen to the favorite sounds at first, and then they block their sense of hearing on inappropriate content.

To resolve this problem, a variety of teaching methods, ways of communicating, etc. To generate interest and motivate the students, teachers can use different communication methods. According to the principles of psychology, personal experiences can be more attractive for individuals and they can replace and set aside materials which are less attractive for students.

Experienced and knowledgeable teachers can identify such students, and use more interesting methods to communicate with them. Of course, in such cases the use of non-verbal communication methods will be very effective. So, the suitability of light and color in the class setting, comfortable seats, etc. Verbal and non-verbal communications have differences and similarities 14 :. Both are symbolic: Non-verbal communication as well as verbal communication is symbolic.

Shrug of the shoulders, drop-down eyes, and distance or closeness to others Both are formulated: According to the culture and traditions of the society, community members know which non-verbal behavior is appropriate for every situation and in that situation, what it means. Therefore, by the use of this language, interests, emotions, and feeling could be expressed well. In other words, there are other eloquent languages in the silent and quiet world, the knowledge of which is very helpful in effective communication.

Non-verbal communication includes all aspects of communication except the use of words. In other words, non-verbal communication includes not only gestures and movements of the body but also the way that the words are expressed, such as the music of the words, interruptions, loudness and accents; these non-verbal features affect the meaning of words The results of the study revealed that supportive, collaborative and emotive methods in the form of body language, both audio and video, are effective for learners to enhance the performance in learning mathematics.

To clarify the point and considering the study results, it can be mentioned that there is a kind of interaction in all human communications, such as multiple forms of non-verbal communication, exchange of information and meaning through facial expressions, gestures or body movements.

Personality Development Training Points ! - PDF Download

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PDF | On Apr 6, , Vijendra Pratap Singh published Language and Body develop himself accordingly and can make himself a successful person. Body language has a huge effect on all of your personal interactions.

Body Language and its understanding

Interpersonal Skills:. Subscribe to our FREE newsletter and start improving your life in just 5 minutes a day. Our page on Non-Verbal Communication explains that non-verbal communication is a vital part of understanding and communication. The rest of the information is conveyed non-verbally, by tone of voice, facial expressions, eye-contact, gestures, how we stand, and so on.

Does body language communicate personality? An investigation into observable behavioural patterns of Berens Interactions Styles. An experiment was conducted to assess whether the claims made about body language in Berens theory of Interaction Styles could be demonstrated in practice. The proposed differences in characteristics associated with appearance and talents were performed by an actor in 4 separate short film presentations.

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Body Language, Posture and Proximity

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10 Powerful Body Language Tips For Personality Development

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Study the Eyes

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Non-verbal communication skills, also called sign language or silent language, include all behaviors performed in the presence of others or perceived either consciously or unconsciously.



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How to develop good BL. 20 TOTAL. a d eact o s. ✓Body language presents to audience what we feel & think about.


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Personality development has always played a very vital role in enhancing the thought and certain non-verbal elements such as Body language under which.


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