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Angiosperms, which evolved in the Cretaceous period, are a diverse group of plants which protect their seeds within an ovary called a fruit. Undisputed fossil records place the massive appearance and diversification of angiosperms in the middle to late Mesozoic era.

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This book was originally published in The dramatic radiation of the angiosperms towards the end of the Early Cretaceous initiated major changes in terrestrial ecosystems throughout the world. Dramatic changes in the flora and fauna were exem Buy it, read it, discuss it, and you will achieve sexual enlightenment of the floral kind.

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Early Evolution of Flowers pp Cite as. Morphological and molecular analyses agree that angiosperms are monophyletic and somehow related to Gnetales , but uncertainties on rooting among woody magnoliids or paleoherbs and the position of fossils permit varied scenarios for origin of the flower. Trees linking anthophytes with coniferopsids suggest that flowers evolved by aggregation of fertile shoots into pseudanthia. New data on fossils or the control of floral morphogenesis in angiosperms and Gnetales might distinguish among these hypotheses. Skip to main content Skip to sections.

Flowering plant

The recent discovery of diverse fossil flowers and floral organs in Cretaceous strata has revealed astonishing details about the structural and systematic diversity of early angiosperms. Exploring the rich fossil evidence that has been accumulated over the past three decades, this unique study follows the evolutionary history of flowering plants from their earliest phases in obscurity to their dominance in modern vegetation. The book provides comprehensive biological and geological background information, before moving on to summarise the fossil record in detail. Including previously unpublished results based on research into Early and Late Cretaceous fossil floras from Europe and North America, the authors draw together direct palaeontological evidence of the pattern of angiosperm evolution through time. Synthesising palaeobotanical data with information from living plants, this book explores the latest research in the field and highlights connections with phylogenetic systematics as well as the structure and the biology of extant angiosperms.

Core angiosperms. They are distinguished from gymnosperms by characteristics including flowers , endosperm within their seeds , and the production of fruits that contain the seeds. Etymologically, angiosperm means a plant that produces seeds within an enclosure; in other words, a fruiting plant. The term comes from the Greek words angeion "case" or "casing" and sperma seed. The ancestors of flowering plants diverged from the common ancestor of all living gymnosperms during the Carboniferous, over million years ago, [9] with the earliest record of angiosperm pollen appearing around million years ago. The first remains of flowering plants are known from million years ago.

Origin of the angiosperm flower: a phylogenetic perspective

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Morphological, stratigraphic, and sedimentological analyses of Early Cretaceous pollen and leaf sequences, especially from the Potomac Group of the eastern United States, support the concept of a Cretaceous adaptive radiation of the angiosperms and suggest pathways of their initial ecological and systematic diversification. The oldest acceptable records of angiosperms are rare monosulcate pollen grains with columellar exine structure from probable Barremian strata of England, equatorial Africa, and the Potomac Group, and small, simple, pinnately veined leaves with several orders of reticulate venation from the Neocomian of Siberia and the basal Potomac Group. The relatively low diversity and generalized character of these fossils and the subsequent coherent pattern of morphological diversification are consistent with a monophyletic origin of the angiosperms not long before the Barremian. PatuxentArundel floras Barremian-early Albian? Patuxent angiosperm pollen is strictly monosulcate and has exine sculpture indicative of insect pollination.

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Early cretaceous fossil evidence for angiosperm evolution

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Early Flowers and Angiosperm Evolution

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26.1C: Evolution of Angiosperms


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