harmonized commodity description and coding system hs pdf

Harmonized Commodity Description And Coding System Hs Pdf

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Restricted access. Abbreviation Description Areas NES The partner "Areas NES not elsewhere specified " is used a for low value trade and b if the partner designation was unknown to the reporting country or if an error was made in the partner assignment. The reporting country does not send ITC the details of the trading partner in these specific cases.

Harmonized System

Desiring to facilitate the collection, comparison and analysis of statistics, in particular those on international trade,. Desiring to reduce the expense incurred by re-describing, reclassifying and recoding goods as they move from one classification system to another in the course of international trade and to facilitate the standardization of trade documentation and the transmission of data,. Considering that changes in technology and the patterns of international trade require extensive modifications to the Convention on Nomenclature for the Classification of Goods in Customs Tariffs, done at Brussels on 15 December ,. Considering also that the degree of detail required for Customs and statistical purposes by Governments and trade interests has increased far beyond that provided by the Nomenclature annexed to the above-mentioned Convention,. Considering the importance of accurate and comparable data for the purposes of international trade negotiations,. Considering that the Harmonized System is intended to be used for the purposes of freight tariffs and transport statistics of the various modes of transport,.

HS Codes play an important role in international imports and exports. They are digit codes assigned to specific goods by customs authorities. These codes are used all around the world, making cargo easily identifiable and ensuring the seamless delivery of goods from Point A to Point B. Below we will discuss:. The system is enforced in Australian law by the Customs Tariff Act. There are thousands of HS Codes, and each code describes specific goods. All customs agencies are able to identify these goods easily using the number associated with the particular commodity.

View the most recent version. Information identified as archived is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes. It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived. Please " contact us " to request a format other than those available. Article 3 goes on to state that a Contracting Party may establish statistical nomenclature subdivisions beyond the level of the Harmonized System, provided that any such subdivision is coded at a level beyond that of the six-digit HS numerical code and additive to it. This document presents the Canadian Export Classification, prepared by Statistics Canada, which will allow Canada to meet its obligations, under the HS Convention, with respect to export trade statistics.

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Use this HS and harmonized tariff code list lookup tool to find the six-digit Harmonized Codes for international shipping and accurately classify your goods for global trade. This Harmonized System calculator provides duty estimates where applicable. Click here to find out more about duty estimates. The system was first implemented in and is currently maintained by the World Customs Organization. The HS Convention, signed in , has over member countries. As signatories, each country agrees to classify its HS tariff code and duty structure according to the HS Code categories.



The objective of the HS Convention is to facilitate trade and information exchange by harmonizing the description, classification and coding of goods in international trade. The HS is used for Customs tariffs and the collection of external trade statistics. It is also extensively used by governments, international organizations and the private sector for many other purposes, such as internal taxes, trade policies, monitoring of controlled goods, rules of origin, freight tariffs, transport statistics, price monitoring, quota controls, compilation of national accounts, and economic research and analysis.

Hs Code List Pdf

What Are HS and HTS Codes?

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At the international level, the Harmonized System (HS) for classifying goods is a six-digit code system. The HS comprises approximately 5, article/product.


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This is the issue that the Harmonized Commodity. Description and Coding System (popularly known as the Harmonized System or the HS) is designed to address.


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Among industry classification systems, Harmonized System (HS) Codes are The HS assigns specific six-digit codes for varying classifications and commodities. as shipper's letter of instructions, commercial invoice or certificate of origin;.


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