difference between eigrp and ospf pdf

Difference Between Eigrp And Ospf Pdf

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The EIGRP and OSPF are the interior gateway routing protocols which help in selecting the routes for transferring or sharing the data through interacting with the routers. It is used for sharing the information from one to the neighbouring routers which exist within the same area. Although, it is a complex protocol but we can configure and run it easily in small and large networks.

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Real beautiful Article, Thanks for sharing! Free Computer Networking Preparation. It Is a Industry standard dynamic routing protocol. It Is a Cisco standard routing protocol. It is a Cisco standard routing protocol. It Is a Industry standard routing protocol. It is not a more intelligent dynamic routing protocol.

In a well designed network, EIGRP scales well and provides extremely quick convergence times with minimal network traffic. Cisco IOS versions earlier than We highly recommend using the later version of EIGRP, as it includes many performance and stability enhancements. A typical distance vector protocol saves the following information when computing the best path to a destination: the distance total metric or distance, such as hop count and the vector the next hop. Router Two chooses the path to Network A by examining the hop count through each available path. Since the path through Router Three is three hops, and the path through Router One is two hops, Router Two chooses the path through One and discards the information it learned through Three. If the path between Router One and Network A goes down, Router Two loses all connectivity with this destination until it times out the route of its routing table three update periods, or 90 seconds , and Router Three re-advertises the route which occurs every 30 seconds in RIP.

Comparison between RIP, EIGRP, IGRP, and OSPF

They are often applied in different situations for varied performance on speed, delay, etc. The major difference between these two algorithms lies in how they calculate the shortest routing path. SPF only depends on bandwidth for metric calculation SPF bases on bandwidth to calculate the cost of a particular link, the shortest path is the one with least total cost , while DUAL uses bandwidth and delay to calculate the composite metric with a complex formula. OSPF maintains information about all the networks and running routers in its area. Each time there is a change within the area, all routers need to re-sync their database and then run SPF again.

OSPF is based on the Shortest. Path First (SPF) algorithm which is used to calculate the shortest path to each node. EIGRP. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing.

Difference Between EIGRP and OSPF

It is used to share the information from one router to the neighbour routers if they exist in the same region. It is also a complex protocol but can be configured and make it work easily in small and large networks. It is also a hybrid protocol because it uses the features of the both distance vector routing and link-state routing protocol. This can be used and deployed in a variety of networks. This is a classless routing protocol which also assists variable-length subnet masking VLSM and discontiguous networks.

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EIGRP vs OSPF: What's the Difference?

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