principles characteristics and features of procedural programming pdf

Principles Characteristics And Features Of Procedural Programming Pdf

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This paradigm uses a linear top-down approach and treats data and procedures as two different entities.

Procedural Programming [Definition]

Procedural programming is a programming paradigm , derived from imperative programming , [1] based on the concept of the procedure call. Procedures a type of routine or subroutine simply contain a series of computational steps to be carried out. Any given procedure might be called at any point during a program's execution, including by other procedures or itself. Computer processors provide hardware support for procedural programming through a stack register and instructions for calling procedures and returning from them. Hardware support for other types of programming is possible, but no attempt was commercially successful for example Lisp machines or Java processors. Modularity is generally desirable, especially in large, complicated programs.

Procedural Programming TIC TAC TOE (HND Level 5)

In the procedure oriented approach, the problem is viewed as the sequence of things to be done such as reading, calculating and printing such as C, Pascal, fortran etc. The primary focus is on functions. A typical structure for procedural programming is shown in fig below. Global data are more vulnerable to an inadvertent change by a function. This provides an opportunity for bugs to creep in.

What are the characteristics of Object Oriented programming language? Encapsulation — Encapsulation is capturing data and keeping it safely and securely from outside interfaces. Inheritance- This is the process by which a class can be derived from a base class with all features of base class and some of its own. This increases code reusability. Polymorphism- This is the ability to exist in various forms. For example an operator can be overloaded so as to add two integer numbers and two floats. Abstraction- The ability to represent data at a very conceptual level without any details.

Procedural programming can somewhat be described as a flow chart where a linear CHARACTERISTICS AND PRINCIPLES. There are small sections of code in the procedural paradigm known as functions or procedures, which

What is a Programming Language and Different Types

Skip to main content. Search form Search. Programming languages pdf notes. Programming languages pdf notes programming languages pdf notes 1. Structured programming as a discipline is sometimes though to have been started by a famous letter by Edsger Dijkstra entitled Go to Statement Considered Harmful.

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A program in a procedural language is a list of instruction where each statement tells the computer to do something. For example, in designing graphics user interface, we think what functions, what data structures are needed rather than which menu, menu item and soon. To overcome the limitation of Procedural oriented programming languages Object oriented programming languages were developed. Hide Ads About Ads. Procedural oriented programming Procedural oriented programming pop :- A program in a procedural language is a list of instruction where each statement tells the computer to do something.

What exactly is a programming paradigm?

When programming, complexity is always the enemy. Programs with great complexity, with many moving parts and interdependent components, seem initially impressive. However, the ability to translate a real-world problem into a simple or elegant solution requires a deeper understanding. The reason is, we made a program with greater complexity. The less complexity we have, the easier it is to debug and understand.

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x the main features of programming languages and their impact on the also called the procedural, programming paradigm expresses computation by fully- specified type-checking policy is another important characteristic of a programming.

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When you are brand new to programming, programming paradigms are not of much importance.


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Every year there are a number of programming languages are implemented, but few languages are becoming very popular which may used by a professional programmer in their career.


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PDF | This report discuss about the differences of Object Oriented certain actions and how to interrelate with other elements of the program (,. ). Programming and Procedural Programming it is obvious that OOP is based on Cognitive characteristics of learning Java, an object-oriented.


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Discuss the principles, characteristics and features of procedural programming Programming language we can know is a formal language that specifies set of.


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