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Part one looks at delay-tolerant network architectures and platforms including DTN for satellite communications and deep-space communications, underwater networks, networks in developing countries, vehicular networks and emergency communications. Part two covers delay-tolerant network routing, including issues such as congestion control, naming, addressing and interoperability.

Design and implementation of Bundle protocol stack for Delay-Tolerant Networking

The lifetime of a wireless network is significantly affected by the energy consumed on data transmission. One approach which allows reduction of the transmission energy consumption is the new networking paradigm - the Delay Tolerant Networks DTN s. The topology of DTNs consists of nodes with short transmission range, thus allowing the reduction of energy consumption. However, this short transmission range leads to sparse network topologies, raising the challenge of an efficient routing protocol. The basic ERP exhibits the shortest delay in packet delivery, but this short delay comes at the expense of large energy consumption. In our past publications, we have proposed a number of new variants of ERP for DTN - the Restricted Epidemic Routing RER protocols - which allow to efficiently tradeoff between the energy consumption of a single packet and the packet delivery delay. In this chapter, we extend our study to determine and to compare the overall lifetime of a network when the various RER protocols are used.

Delay-tolerant Networking at Aalto University Comnet

Claudio S. Malavenda, F. Menichelli, M. This paper reports the analysis, implementation, and experimental testing of a delay-tolerant and energy-aware protocol for a wireless sensor node, oriented to security applications. The solution proposed takes advantages from different domains considering as a guideline the low power consumption and facing the problems of seamless and lossy connectivity offered by the wireless medium along with very limited resources offered by a wireless network node. The paper is organized as follows: first we give an overview on delay-tolerant wireless sensor networking DTN ; then we perform a simulation-based comparative analysis of state-of-the-art DTN approaches and illustrate the improvement offered by the proposed protocol; finally we present experimental data gathered from the implementation of the proposed protocol on a proprietary hardware node. In recent years, wireless sensor networks WSN research has grown exponentially spreading through several fields of science, from circuit design to algorithm design, antenna design, and protocol design.

Design and implementation of Bundle protocol stack for Delay-Tolerant Networking

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Authors: Gao , L. This brief presents emerging and promising communication methods for network reliability via delay tolerant networks DTNs. Different from traditional networks, DTNs possess unique features, such as long latency and unstable network topology.

Many applications of Internet of Things IoT have been implemented based on unreliable wireless or mobile networks like the delay tolerant network DTN. Therefore, it is an important issue for IoT applications to achieve efficient data transmission in DTN. In this protocol, we calculate the delivery predictability according to the encountering frequency among nodes. In order to evaluate the proposed routing protocol, we perform simulations and compare it with other routing protocols in an Opportunistic Network Environment ONE simulator.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. It is sparse and intermittently connected mobile adhoc network where reliable communication and end-to-end connectivity is not available for message transmission. The end to end connectivity is not ensured in Delay Tolerant Network.

A special simulator will be used; that is opportunistic network environment ONE to create a network environment. Spray and wait has highest delivery rate and low latency in most of the cases. Hence, spray and wait have better performance than others.

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Delay Tolerant Networks - Protocols and Applications


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Request PDF | Delay tolerant networks: Protocols and applications | A class of Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN), which may violate one or more of the.


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