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Overall Depression Severity And Impairment Scale Pdf

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Published: 07.06.2021

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Anxiety | OASIS

Analyzed the data: MI. The Overall Depression Severity and Impairment Scale ODSIS is a brief, five-item measure for assessing the frequency and intensity of depressive symptoms, as well as functional impairments in pleasurable activities, work or school, and interpersonal relationships due to depression. Although this scale is expected to be useful in various psychiatric and mental health settings, the reliability, validity, and interpretability have not yet been fully examined. This study was designed to examine the reliability, factorial, convergent, and discriminant validity of a Japanese version of the ODSIS, as well as its ability to distinguish between individuals with and without a major depressive disorder diagnosis. From a pool of registrants at an internet survey company, non-clinical and clinical participants were selected randomly with major depressive disorder, with panic disorder, with social anxiety disorder, with obsessive—compulsive disorder, and non-clinical panelists. Participants were asked to respond to the ODSIS and conventional measures of depression, functional impairment, anxiety, neuroticism, satisfaction with life, and emotion regulation.

Many women have unidentified anxiety or trauma histories that can impact their health and medical treatment-seeking behavior. This study examined the sensitivity, specificity, efficiency, and sensitivity to change of the Overall Anxiety Severity and Impairment Scale OASIS for identifying an anxiety disorder in a female sample with and without trauma history related to intimate partner violence IPV. This report is a secondary analysis of a study on the neurobiology of psychological trauma in survivors of IPV recruited from the community. The measure showed strong sensitivity to change in a subsample of 20 participants who completed PTSD treatment and strong convergent and divergent validity in the full sample. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution.

Objective: This study evaluated the psychometric properties of the online version of the ODSIS in Spanish outpatients with depression and anxiety disorders. Factorial structure, internal consistency, convergent, and discriminant validity and cutoff scores were analyzed. Results: Consistent with previous validations of the instrument, Confirmatory Factor Analysis showed a unidimensional factor structure. Furthermore, the results obtained supported the internal consistency and construct validity of the ODSIS scores. A score of 5 was found to meet the criteria used in this study for the optimal cutoff score. Conclusion: The results obtained in this study show that the Spanish version of the ODSIS delivered online is an adequate tool to assess the depression-related severity and impairment in a brief and easy fashion.

Development and validation of the Overall Depression Severity and Impairment Scale

Given its transdiagnostic nature, it can be used indistinctly across anxiety and depressive disorders. In this study, the psychometric properties of the online version of the OASIS were evaluated in a Spanish clinical sample with emotional disorders. Factorial structure, internal consistency, convergent and discriminant validity, cutoff scores, and sensitivity to change were analyzed. Confirmatory Factor Analysis yielded a unidimensional factor structure, consistent with previous validations of the instrument. The analyses showed good internal consistency and adequate convergent and discriminant validity, as well as sensitivity to change. A cutoff score of 7. Overall, in this study, the psychometric properties of the online version of the OASIS were found to be appropriate.

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The need to capture severity and impairment of depressive symptomatology is widespread. Existing depression scales are lengthy and largely focus on individual symptoms rather than resulting impairment. The Overall Depression Severity and Impairment Scale ODSIS is a 5-item, continuous measure designed for use across heterogeneous mood disorders and with subthreshold depressive symptoms. Internal consistency, latent structure, item response theory, classification accuracy, convergent and discriminant validity, and differential item functioning analyses were conducted. ODSIS scores exhibited excellent internal consistency, and confirmatory factor analyses supported a unidimensional structure.

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