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As products become increasingly similar, companies are turning to branding as a way to create a preference for their offerings. Branding has been the essential factor in the success of well-known consumer goods such as Coca Cola, McDonald's, Kodak, and Mercedes. Now it is time for more industrial companies to start using branding in a sophisticated way.

Business-to-Business Marketing Textbooks: A Comparative Review

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Katrin Muehlfeld. Klaus Backhaus. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Even in times of e-learning and multimedia, textbooks play a great part in business marketing education. For this reason and in order to help instructors select the appropriate textbook for their course setting, a comprehensive overview of textbooks currently avail- able on the market seemed a sensible idea.

This holds even if only to see what the available structural approaches to the subject are and to identify current mainstream thinking and specific views on business marketing problems.

This review article is meant to provide educators and research- ers with a commented overview on business marketing textbooks—not only those written in English, but also in other languages like Chinese, Italian, Hungarian or German.

Bastian Mell is a graduate in business adminstration from the University of Muenster, Germany. She currently works as an Assistant Researcher at this institute E-mail: 03tasa wiwi. The authors acknowledge the great effort of the editor J.

David Lichtenthal and the comments of the nine 9 reviewers, who greatly helped in improving the manuscript. Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, Vol. All rights reserved. The core of introductory marketing courses are the selected textbooks, as students spend considerably more time on assigned reading material than they do attending lectures Tomkovick, Many business marketing instructors view the textbook as a prime component of instruction and rely heavily on it to structure, organize and effec- tively teach their course.

Thus, the selection of a textbook for a business marketing course at the undergraduate or graduate level is an important decision for an instructor and deserves careful consideration for ef- fective execution of the course strategy Butaney, Usually, the instruc- tor selects the textbook and by this creates the mandate for students to purchase it. Thus, when faced with the decision of selecting a textbook, instructors should not only consider their own perspective, but seek the highest value for their students Ramaprasad, Against this back- ground, the instructor of a course in business-to-business marketing should have knowledge of the textbooks available and stay informed about the development and growth of the discipline.

Clearly, the emphasis in our review rests on the textbooks in the first cluster textbooks written in English. Due to the increasing internation- alization of university-programs, English will be the dominant teaching language, especially at the graduate level.

Regarding these textbooks, we highlight differences in approach, content, illustrative elements and other pedagogical aids. Following, the approaches and emphases regard- ing the contents of the textbooks in the second cluster will be briefly in- troduced and compared to cluster 1. The net page area, shown in Table 1 and used as a measure for multi- ple analyses in this review, consists of the aggregate length of all chap- ters within a specific textbook.

Included are all pages within a specific chapter, starting with the introductory page and ending with the sum- mary page. To ensure comparability, elements not used by all authors, such as chapter-specific discussion and consultation of case studies, re- view and discussion questions and references stated at the end of chapters, were excluded. Backhaus, Mell, and Sabel 17 achieve any teaching objectives Narus, Thus, student willingness to learn through the learning activities and pedagogies selected by the instructor is an important element in the overall learning process Karns, As the textbook authors sometimes use different expressions for es- sentially the same topical matter e.

Therefore, the review will not com- pare textbooks within the larger setting of educational objectives i. For example, if an instructor wants to put an emphasis on ethical aspects in his course, it is adjuvant that the textbook chosen incorporates this theme. Therefore, if the ne- glect of aspects to be taught exceeds a certain amount, the topical coverage can in turn become a sufficient prerequisite. In addition, several compensatory criteria play an important part in textbook selection.

Auxiliary materials, such as supplements and online material, are helpful to the instructor when teaching the course. These features have been analyzed extensively for textbooks of multiple disciplines and can be quantitatively assessed as done with the business marketing textbooks. They can be applied when analyzing textbooks of other cognate disciplines and can be generalized to aid in textbook selection.

As will be shown in the respective chapters, each feature can impact upon the effectiveness of a textbook, and needs to be taken into account by an instructor. However, there is no objective way of comparing textbook prices across different countries.

The various approaches imple- mented in the textbooks as structural guidelines can be categorized in two groups. In contrast, other text- books use a specific framework to tackle business marketing problems.

Because the main point of differentiation between consumer and business marketing lies in the nature of the customer, namely, that it is an organization, the traditional approach to the busi- ness marketing curriculum design has been to assess the implications of this difference for each element of the marketing management process Brennan, Organizational buying behavior OBB is a fundamental as- pect of business marketing, especially from the managerial perspective, and all textbooks treat it accordingly, albeit with differing emphasis.

Strategy, analysis and planning are also dealt with by all textbooks, even though there are major variations with respect to the breadth of treat- ment, measured as the percentage of net pages. While these textbooks still cover all topics of the MA, they are inter- spersed with many trends and more recent topics of business marketing as stand-alone chapters. These topics include controlling, relationships, supply chain management, technological considerations, international marketing and ethics.

Table 2 shows the textbooks identified for each approach. Chapter headers and sub-headings were used as additional guide- lines to identify the adopted approach. The author outlines the dichotomy and nature of business mar- keting, and then extends into international aspects e. The book offers an extensive presentation of research methods set into an expla- nation on marketing information systems and is the only textbook in its group to highlight business marketing in the non-profit sector.

Most cur- rent topics are interwoven and relationships are only rudimentarily ad- dressed within communication and information system development. Wright integrates services into a chapter on product management, but does not analyze managerial implications in detail.

Thus, the book follows a value perspective, but does so within the framework provided by the marketing mix. The textbook places considerable emphasis on new of- fer development and value chain management considerations. Even though the authors follow the augmented product concept in name i. Cus- tomer relationship management is discussed in conjunction with per- sonal selling.

The authors divide product management into two sections by regarding services and products separately. The focus on international marketing reappears throughout the book in various subchapters and subtitles e. All textbooks in this group offer a com- prehensive orientation section, a strong focus on aspects relating to organizational buying and strategic business marketing, in addition to extensive considerations on controlling business marketing strategy.

Furthermore, all textbooks emphasize the importance of personal selling for business marketing and treat sales force considerations in detail. Even though their approach could be defined as modified, the chosen framework was considered that of the ex- tended MA. All books structured along the extended MA show a comparable top- ical structure, even though the different perspectives do have an impact on content and on the integration and coverage of current topics. However, within this group, there are major discrepancies with regard to structure and content.

Both traditional and current topics are covered extensively, with an intense focus on technology. Even though the book features a chapter on customer relationships and key account manage- ment, the authors mainly discuss the role of personal selling and sales force management considerations.

The authors emphasize ethics, supply chain management and international business marketing. In addition, pricing methods and sales force consid- erations are substantially addressed. They em- phasize ethics and channel conflicts in a chapter on business-to-busi- ness management issues and show an extensive treatment of channel and communication issues. The authors do not develop a service mar- keting program separately, integrating services into a chapter on price and product management.

Even though it could be argued that the book features a specific approach based on information system, technology and organizational relationships , the textbook was considered as a modified MA textbook due to content and structure. In summary, the books following the modified MA offer a diverse treatment of current and traditional topics within the managerial frame- work. Compared to the textbooks of the other MAs, this group shows the highest heterogeneity with regard to content.

Backhaus, Mell, and Sabel 25 Specific Approaches While the above mentioned textbooks follow the managerial ap- proach to at least some extent, there are some authors who have chosen to structure their textbooks based on entirely new approaches to busi- ness marketing. This is due to the construct of the MA having come under increasing scrutiny in the recent years, and there has been much debate over whether following the marketing-mix approach is still appropriate, as the frame- work was originally designed for a highly tangible consumer product market and does not fit with the prevailing purchasing behavior in busi- ness marketing Yudelson, Thus, the different approaches allow for analysis of business marketing and its challenges from different vantage points.

In contrast to the managerial approach, transactions are not understood as a series of disembedded and serially independent transactions, but instead as episodes in often long-standing and com- plex relationships between the buying and selling organizations. This special view makes a direct comparison to the US mainstream textbooks nearly impossible. Based on the IMP-paradigm, the authors consequently ab- stain from traditional organizational buying behavior and communica- tion-related aspects as stand-alone chapters, rather integrating OBB within the basic network idea.

Due to the theoretical basis of the book, the focus is on networks and relationships. The operative marketing section is organized around understanding customers and managing relationships, followed by build- ing and transferring the market offering. The marketing program consists of three main components: under- standing, creating and delivering customer value.

Value creation entails the man- agement of market offerings, new offer development and channel man- agement issues, while delivering value discusses gaining customers and sustaining relationships with both resellers and distributors.

In addition, they emphasize the importance of international busi- ness culture, exchange risk, negotiations and highlight relationships, business networks and cross-functional connections.

The authors provide a discussion on competitor analysis, followed by measures of customer value assess- ment. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on personal selling, branding in business marketing within the context of value creation and new of- fering development. The business-type approach responds to the heterogeneity of business marketing processes by developing a spe- cific marketing program for each type of business e. While the notion of the marketing mix is rec- ognizable throughout the generic offering part, as the authors justify its use dependent on the frequency and intensity of interactions, a separate phase-specific model is developed for both major project marketing and high-technology innovation products.

Even though the authors dedi- cate a chapter to services, no strategy is explicitly developed, but rather numerous characteristics of services and their impact on business mar- keting are discussed. Strategy development is based on an understand- ing of the purchasing function, information systems, competitor analysis and segmentation. The part on strategy design follows the implementa- tion section, and considers corporate organization, strategic planning, international marketing and Internet marketing.

The proceeding content is divided into three sections: strategy foundation purchasing, informa- tion systems, broad strategy, segmentation , followed by a section on strategy implementation generic offer design, channel and customer management, communications, innovation, services and strategy de- sign organization, marketing planning and international management issues. Internet marketing is dealt with in an appended chapter. The book shows a broad coverage of themes related to the the managerial, the network and the value approaches and portrays all business types with respect to their marketing implications.

B2B Brand Management

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Robert Vitale Content

Business to Business Marketing: Analysis and Practice by. Business to Business Marketing: Analysis and Practice in. PDF Business-to-business marketing and globalization. Written from a highly. Robert P.

Business-to-business markets differ significantly from business-to-consumer markets, and present unique challenges and opportunities for marketers. Business customers are driven by different needs, engage in complex purchase decision-making processes, and respond differently to marketing stimuli. In facing the challenges and opportunities in business markets, marketers need to apply specific strategies to develop value offerings, communicate those offerings to stimulate purchase behaviours, and work to sustain long lasting business relationships with customers. Students learn how to analyze business-to-business networks and identify opportunities to offer superior value to customers.

However, instead of other individuals feels you must instil in on your own that you are reading Business To Business Marketing, By Robert Vitale, Waldemar Pfoertsch, Joseph Giglierano not due to that factors. It will overview of know greater than the people looking at you. Even now, there are numerous resources to discovering, reading a publication Business To Business Marketing, By Robert Vitale, Waldemar Pfoertsch, Joseph Giglierano still ends up being the first choice as a fantastic way. For what does that book review?

A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value , [2] in economic, social, cultural or other contexts. The process of business model construction and modification is also called business model innovation and forms a part of business strategy. In theory and practice, the term business model is used for a broad range of informal and formal descriptions to represent core aspects of a business , including purpose , business process , target customers , offerings, strategies, infrastructure , organizational structures , sourcing, trading practices, and operational processes and policies including culture. The literature has provided very diverse interpretations and definitions of a business model.

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