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Nonlinear Optics Of Organic Molecules And Polymers Pdf

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Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organic Molecules and Crystals, Volume 1 discusses the nonlinear optical effects in organic molecules and crystals, providing a classical distinction between quadratic and cubic processes.

Nonlinear Optical Effects in Organic Polymers

Second-order nonlinear optical NLO materials have played a very important role in laser technology since the invention of the laser. The materials have been developed from inorganic crystals to organic molecules and polymers. The search for new second-order NLO materials with better performance has continuously been in the frontier of materials science and optical engineering. If you are not the author of this article and you wish to reproduce material from it in a third party non-RSC publication you must formally request permission using Copyright Clearance Center. Go to our Instructions for using Copyright Clearance Center page for details. Authors contributing to RSC publications journal articles, books or book chapters do not need to formally request permission to reproduce material contained in this article provided that the correct acknowledgement is given with the reproduced material.

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Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Nonlinear Optical Effects in Organic Polymers. Editors view affiliations J. Messier F. Kajzar P.

PDF · Polymers and Molecular Assemblies for Second-Order Nonlinear Optics. D. J. Williams, T. L. Penner, J. J. Schildkraut, N. Tillman, A. Ulman, C. S. Willand.

Synthesis and Nonlinear Optical Studies on Organic Compounds in Laser-Deposited Films

Theoretical nonlinear optics equivalence between mesoionic and polyenic bridges in push-pull compounds. In this work we report a semiempirical investigation with the purpose of establishing an equivalence in terms of the value of the first static hyperpolarizability, b 0 , of push-pull compounds of the type electron-acceptor A - bridge - electron-donor D , either formed by polyenic bridges or by mesoionic bridges, keeping unchanged both D and A groups. The ground state geometries of the molecules were optimized via AM1 using Mopac93r2 program. Our results indicate that a bridge formed by a single mesoionic ring can be equivalent to seven or more conjugated double bonds, depending on the ring, reaffirming that mesoionic rings constitute promising materials for photonics applications. Keywords: hyperpolarizabilities, polyenes, mesoionic.

Upon complexation, the DR1 and SP molecules are free to align themselves along an applied electric field and show high order parameters of approximately 0. Nonlinear optical NLO material possessing optical modulation capabilities including changing optical phase, changing optical frequency, or coupling more than two light beams to increase or decrease frequency has recently become the most significant development goal for photonic devices [ 1 , 2 ]. Through the development of NLO materials, photonics can be used as a future carrier of information and overcome transmission bottlenecks for current electronic transmission methods, including the resistive losses that occur with electrons moving through metal wires as the frequency of information increases [ 3 ]. Although general NLO organic molecules have excellent NLO properties, their commercial applications are limited because of the difficulty of their processing. By combining NLO molecules with polymers, the high NLO susceptibility, fast response time, low dielectric constant, small dispersion in refractive index, structural flexibility, and ease of material processing have brought NLO polymers to the forefront of NLO research [ 4 ].

Polymer materials for second-order nonlinear optics

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Electro-Optic Effects in Organic Molecules and Polymers, Ch. Bosshard and P. Gunter Nonlinear Optical Polymers and High-Speed Electro-Optic Modulators.



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Organic semiconductors as active materials in thin-film electronic devices such as alkynes, heterocycles, dyes, ferrocenes, spiranes, or porphyrins, with special geometries and certain electronic molecular parameters, which possess nonlinear optical NLO properties and offer several major advantages over their inorganic counterparts, are presented in this chapter.


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