enterprise architecture multiple choice exam questions and answers pdf

Enterprise Architecture Multiple Choice Exam Questions And Answers Pdf

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In your own words, explain to me what is enterprise architecture? What stakeholders are typically involved in enterprise architecture? How do you manage enterprise architecture in a fast-changing environment? What technology trends are most impacting enterprise architecture? What are the most important artefacts of an enterprise architecture? Walk me through a time when you led enterprise change.

Enterprise architecture EA tools are software applications designed to support enterprise architects and other business and IT stakeholders with strategically driven planning, analysis, design and execution. EA tools support strategic and tactical decision making by capturing and connecting context and information across business, information, solution and technology domains, along with other relevant architectural viewpoints. The EA tool market consists of a diverse range of vendors. These vendors offer software tools that enable EA to deliver a strategic planning discipline that drives targeted business outcomes. EA tools store, structure, analyze and present information related to EA. This information aides in the investment, development and delivery of IT solutions that enable business success.

Enterprise architecture EA is concerned with the structures and behaviors of a business, especially business roles and processes that create and use business data. It has been defined as "a well-defined practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation, using a comprehensive approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of strategy. Enterprise architecture applies architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to execute their strategies. These practices utilize the various aspects of an enterprise to identify, motivate, and achieve these changes. Practitioners of enterprise architecture, enterprise architects , are responsible for performing the analysis of business structure and processes and are often called upon to draw conclusions from the information collected to address the goals of enterprise architecture: effectiveness , efficiency , agility , and continuity of complex business operations. EA is not just about IT.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) Tools Reviews and Ratings

Level 2 of the TOGAF exam is the level where you are given a set of scenarios and then asked what you would do in each situation. In a nutshell, it requires students to show awareness of how to apply enterprise architecture practices in real-world situations. Many students find Level 2 difficult because several of the possible options seem like reasonable replies. Three of the options describe responses that are partly correct, and the potential responses include things that are intended to either misdirect students or at least confuse them. It is useful to check whether the examples you are working through are from official sources or not; the most useful ones to help you prepare for the exam are official examples or questions from previous, actual exams. Well, firstly, remember that the Open Group Level 2 exam depends on very precise wording and context. In the official exam, you can assume that the wording of the scenarios, questions, and answers is checked very thoroughly, so when it comes to taking the actual exam, it is extremely unlikely that you will get anything that strays from the gospel according to TOGAF.

With 92 percent, a clear majority of the respondents of the survey believes that EA should be determined by the vision, strategy and objectives of the company. Yet, only 40 percent of them actually included objectives and policies in their EA program. The alignment of business and IT is seen as the most important argument for organizations to start using EA. At the same time, connecting IT architecture and business elements, and arriving at important decisions about structure and layout on that basis, is found to be one of the biggest problems confronting businesses. Broer questioned respondents from 89 organizations representing a range of industries about their vision and implementation of the enterprise architecture concept.

It is a governance and management framework for information and related technology that starts with stakeholder needs with regard to information and technology. It provides an end-to-end business view of the governance of enterprise IT, reflecting the central role of information and technology in creating value for enterprises of all sizes. COBIT 5 allows enterprises to achieve their governance and management objectives, i. The question answers are in multiple-choice format, you can either participate in Quiz or download DOC or PDF files for exam preparation. You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz:. You have reached 0 of 0 points, 0.

COBIT 5 Question and Answers [PDF] Study Guide 2021

Without certification, the competition is even steeper. If you want to ensure your credibility as an enterprise architect and open up your job opportunities, then you need a TOGAF 9 certification. But you can't cross your fingers and hope everything goes well.

I have not taken the exam yet but i have seen some of the example test papers. I should be taking the exam myself in the next couple of weeks, just as soon as our overdue baby arrives….

6 Great Tips to Help You Get TOGAF 9 Certification on Your First Try

B What is SOA? This exam is closed book. If you're a graduate looking to get into architecture and need to get a feel for the kind of questions employers might ask at interview, then make sure you research these graduate architecture interview questions below. Topic: Software Architecture.

Examples of these scenario questions are not included in this document at the time of writing. I have tried to serve candidates for both exams by providing questions similar to those seen in the Bridging exam. Having reviewed the questions for both Certification Level 1 and the Bridging exam some of the questions appear in both exams. In my opinion the Bridging exam questions are generally harder than the Certification level 1 question. The Bridging exam is made easier because the Bridging exam is open book. If you can answer these questions with or without the TOGAF specification I believe you will be well placed to pass the multiple choice section of either exam. In the Certification Level 1 exam there are 40 questions of variable difficulty.

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Solve ALL Questions. Time: – Q1: Define Enterprise Architecture and give example of their framework? 5 marks. An “enterprise” is any collection of organizations that has a common set of goals. Architecture is a.

Enterprise architecture

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TOGAF Level 2 Exam – How to Get the Right Answer


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In this document there are 30 questions to meet the 60% pass mark you would need to answer 18 questions correctly. TOGAF Certification Level 2 and the second.


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