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Liver Cirrhosis Causes Diagnosis And Treatment Pdf

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A more recent article on cirrhosis is available.

Cirrhosis of the Liver

The liver is a large organ with an important job in your body. It filters the blood of toxins, breaks down proteins, and creates bile to help the body absorb fats. Doctors call this condition alcoholic liver cirrhosis. As the disease progresses, and more of your healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue, your liver will stop functioning properly. According to the American Liver Foundation , between 10 and 20 percent of heavy drinkers will develop cirrhosis. The disease is part of a progression. It may start with fatty liver disease, then progress to alcoholic hepatitis, and then to alcoholic cirrhosis.

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Cirrhosis is the pathologic end-stage of any chronic liver disease and most commonly results from chronic hepatitis B and C, alcohol-related liver disease, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. The main complications of cirrhosis are related to the development of liver insufficiency and portal hypertension and include ascites, variceal hemorrhage, jaundice, portosystemic encephalopathy, acute kidney injury and hepatopulmonary syndromes, and the development of hepatocellular carcinoma. Once a patient with cirrhosis develops signs of decompensation, survival is significantly impaired. The management of cirrhosis is aimed at treating underlying liver disease, avoiding superimposed injury, and managing complications. Timely referral for liver transplantation may be the only curative treatment option for patients with decompensated cirrhosis.

Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis

A liver biopsy is a procedure to remove a small sample of liver tissue for laboratory testing. A liver biopsy is commonly performed by inserting a thin needle through your skin and into your liver. People with early-stage cirrhosis of the liver usually don't have symptoms. Often, cirrhosis is first detected through a routine blood test or checkup. To help confirm a diagnosis, a combination of laboratory and imaging tests is usually done. Laboratory tests. Your doctor may order blood tests to check for signs of liver malfunction, such as excess bilirubin, as well as for certain enzymes that may indicate liver damage.

Chronic liver disease

Cirrhosis is a late-stage liver disease in which healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue and the liver is permanently damaged. Scar tissue keeps your liver from working properly. Many types of liver diseases and conditions injure healthy liver cells, causing cell death and inflammation.

It can be acute and resolve without treatment. However, some forms can be chronic, and these could lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. HBV is a major global health concern. In fact, in , HBV-related liver disease caused around , deaths worldwide.

Liver cirrhosis LC is a worldwide health problem that is associated with various complications and high mortality. Although, in the past four decades, the incidence of hepatitis B continuously decreased and a promising cure for hepatitis C was developed, LC remains a formidable challenge in clinical practice due to the ever-increasing incidences of alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases, autoimmune-related liver disease and drug-induced liver disease [ 1—3 ]. Our survey data showed a significant increase in the inpatient percentages of alcoholic LC and autoimmune LC, with concomitant decreases in viral hepatitis LC, which contributes to the overall increasing incidence of LC in China [ 4 ].

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In cirrhosis of the liver, scar tissue replaces normal, healthy tissue, blocking the flow of blood through Hepatitis B, like hepatitis C, causes liver inflammation and injury that over several decades diabetes, protein malnutrition, obesity, coronary artery disease, and treatment with A liver biopsy will confirm the diagnosis.


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Chronic liver disease in the clinical context is a disease process of the liver that involves a process of progressive destruction and regeneration of the liver parenchyma leading to fibrosis and cirrhosis.


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A normal liver left shows no signs of scarring.


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