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Vrooms Expectancy Theory Advantages And Disadvantages Pdf

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First developed by Yale School of Management professor Victor Vroom in , the expectancy theory of motivation attempts to explain what keeps employees working. Its underlying principle is that employees perform in work situations because they expect to receive a direct reward, a factor called expectancy.

This means people are increasingly more motivated the stronger they believe that their current actions will result in their desired goal.

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Vroom's expectancy theory separates effort, performance and outcomes, while Maslow and Herzberg focus on the relationship between internal needs and the resulting effort expended to fulfil them. Vroom's expectancy theory assumes that behaviour results from conscious choices among alternatives whose purpose it is to maximise pleasure and to minimise pain. Expectancy is the idea that increasing the amount of effort will increase performance if I work harder then I will perform better. Instrumentality is the idea that i f you perform better, then the outcome will be achieved If I perform well, there I will achieve the desired outcome. Valence is the perceived value the employee puts on the outcome. For the valence to be positive, the person must prefer attaining the outcome than not attaining it.

The Expectancy Theory of Motivation is best described as a process theory. With research pioneered by Edward C. Tolman and continued by Victor H. Vroom, Expectancy Theory provides an explanation of why individuals choose one behavioral option over others. The idea with this theory is that people are motivated to do something because they think their actions will lead to their desired outcome Redmond,

Together with Edward Lawler and Lyman Porter, Victor Vroom suggested that the relationship between people's behavior at work and their goals was not as simple as was first imagined by other scientists. Vroom realized that an employee's performance is based on individuals factors such as personality, skills, knowledge, experience and abilities. The theory suggests that although individuals may have different sets of goals, they can be motivated if they believe that:. Valence refers to the emotional orientations people hold with respect to outcomes [rewards]. The depth of the want of an employee for extrinsic [money, promotion, time-off, benefits] or intrinsic [satisfaction] rewards. Management must discover what employees value. Employees have different expectations and levels of confidence about what they are capable of doing.

Vroom’s Expectancy Theory of Motivation: Definition, Principles & Uses

Expectancy model was developed by Victor Vroom in The theory is based on the simple equation :. As shown in the figure above the model is built around the concepts of valence, instrumentality and expectancy. Therefore this model is referred to as VIE theory. The various terms related to this model are explained below :. Other terms that might be used are value, incentive, attitude and expected utility. Valence is positive when the individual prefers attaining the outcome to not attaining it.

Strengths & Weaknesses of the Expectancy Theory

Victor H. Vroom, Professor Emeritus of Management at Yale University, developed a theory in about management and the drivers behind employee behavior as it pertains to motivation. Called expectancy theory, his work focused on explaining choices individuals made at work concerning their ability, leadership and the effectiveness of their decision making. Vroom has several published works on management and organizational behavior that have been widely considered breakthroughs in this field. Vroom's expectancy theory of motivation concerns the process of individuals choosing one way to behave over another.

The Expectancy Theory of Motivation attempts to explain why people behave the way they do. Do you show up at the office early, work hard, and stay late. Why do you behave this way?

Whereas Maslow and Herzberg look at the relationship between internal needs and the resulting effort expended to fulfil them, Vroom's expectancy theory separates effort which arises from motivation , performance, and outcomes. Vroom's expectancy theory assumes that behavior results from conscious choices among alternatives whose purpose it is to maximize pleasure and to minimize pain. Vroom realized that an employee's performance is based on individual factors such as personality, skills, knowledge, experience and abilities.

Problems With Expectancy Theory

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Problems With Expectancy Theory

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Expectancy Theory


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One of the advantages of expectancy theory, if applied well, is that employees willingly and happily participate in work projects because management has planned.


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