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A clock has two hands: Hour hand and Minute hand. The minute hand M. Also, the clock is divided into 60 equal minute divisions. Therefore, each hour number is separated by five minute divisions. Clearly the minute hand must gain 20 minutes before two hands can be coincident.

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The remaining days after calculated Completed weeks are odd days. It can be find by divide the number of days from the 7, remainder is Odd Days. Add or Subtract 7 from any day, you will find same day. Like 1 July is Wed, 8 July ? What will be 12 March ? What will be 23 March ? What will be 04 August ? What will be 30 March ? When the day of a date is given and day of a date previous to it is asked.

We will subtract the odd days from the given day. Example: 26 January is on Sunday, What was the day on 26 January Example: 10 Feb is on Monday, What was the day on 25 December Example 1 : What was the day on 15 August Note : Odd day for ,,,,, Example 2: Birth date of a student is 25 March , Find the day of that day.

Q 1: Ravi went to see a Movie, 9 day before. He see the Movie only on Friday. Today is what Day of week. Q 2: 29 Feb is Monday. After How Many year 1 Jan will be on Monday. Alternate Method Add the Odd day of years till it become 7 or multiple of 7. Q 4: Ram celebrated his 4th birthday on 29 Feb When he was born. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of new posts by email. That means is divisible by 4 and we may think it a leap year, but it is century year last two digits 00 , we have to divide it by Hence, it is Normal Year. Calendar Concepts and tricks PDF.

Reasoning Questions — All Topics. Click for Question Set. Reasoning Set — 1. Start now. Reasoning Set — 2. Reasoning Set — 3. Share this: Twitter Facebook WhatsApp. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

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A clock is an instrument used for indicating and maintaining the time. It is an electronic device that presents the duration of an hour, minute and second. Different types of question covered in this chapter are as follows. The clock represents two things. Hence x minute space to be gained by minute hand over hour hand can be calculated as x. Ex: At what time between 2'O clock and 3'O clock the hands of the clock Ware opposite to each other. At 2'O clock, the minute hand will be at 12 as shown below.

and general Intelligence Clock and Calendar study notes, example question and explanation, exercise questions and answer in pdf format.

Logical Reasoning

Here I am sharing important calendar verbal reasoning questions and answers for you. Practice these calendar questions of verbal reasoning for competitive exams. Try to solve reasoning calendar questions for yourself first. How many days will there be from 26th January, to 15th May, both days included? Show Answer.

TCS Questions on Clocks and Calendar with Answers – 1

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What was the scheduled time of the meeting? A hrs. C hrs. D hrs. E None of these done clear. D done clear. How much time will it take to cross a platform to 90 metres long?

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The remaining days after calculated Completed weeks are odd days.


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