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Supermarkets and hypermarkets are two different types of shopping stores that are quite similar in nature. There is only a fine line that differentiates between the two, which can often become confusing for many people.

Difference Between Supermarket and Hypermarket

Supermarkets and hypermarkets are two different types of shopping stores where customers purchase their groceries, food, and other household supplies. A supermarket is a large shopping store where buyers choose their products which are systematically arranged on the shelves. Similar products are arranged nearby which provides buyers with easy time when comparing different products before making decisions on which product to purchase. Additionally, the products on the shelves have price tags attached which helps buyers to decide which products to buy depending on their purchasing power. A hypermarket is a shopping store that is divided into the departmental store and is usually larger than a typical supermarket. Hypermarkets retail all products which include electronics, groceries. Furniture, food, and toys among others which allows customers to fulfil their requirements under one roof.

Selling goods especially that of essential nature is a popular form of business. No matter where you go, you can spot stores calling themselves one name or the other. While some call themselves as departmental stores, others are famously known as supermarkets. Apart from these you might have also heard the name hypermarkets. This will help you not just in decision making but also in understanding the target customers each of these stores have.

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A hypermarket sometimes called a hyperstore or supercentre or superstore is a big-box store combining a supermarket and a department store. In theory, hypermarkets allow customers to satisfy all their routine shopping needs in one trip. Hypermarkets, like other big-box stores , typically have business models focusing on high-volume, low- margin sales. Because of their large footprints , many hypermarkets choose suburban or out-of-town locations that are easily accessible by automobile. Loblaws established its Real Canadian Superstore chain in

The Difference Between Grocery, Supermarket, & Hypermarket Merchandisers

Register now or log in to join your professional community. Key Difference: Supermarkets are large self-service grocery stores that offer customers a variety of foods and household supplies. The merchandise is organized into an organized aisle format, where each aisle is numbered or labeled and has only similar goods placed together. Hypermarkets are large retail establishments that are a combination of supermarket and department stores.

The grocery industry can be a lucrative one, if you properly analyze your target market, assess the needs of your locality, and understand the difference between a grocery store, supermarket, and hypermarket. While your future customers might use these terms interchangeably, industry experts offer more specific guidelines about different types of food merchandisers. A grocery store is an establishment that exclusively sells food and drink items to patrons. The grocery store concept in the U. In many of these old-time grocery stores, customers would give the proprietor a list, and the store hands would pack the items and bring them to the customer.

Difference between Supermarket and Hypermarket

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A hypermarket is a large retail outlet that sells large number and variety of goods under one roof at a discounted rates while a supermarket is an.


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When it comes to supermarket vs. hypermarket, the main difference is that a hypermarket is a supermarket that also offers big-ticket items such as appliances, and is also much bigger. Supermarkets are large, hypermarkets are massive. Many hypermarkets, such as Costco, resemble large warehouses that are impersonal.


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Between supermarket and hypermarket, a number of differences can be observed in terms of the size, the appearance, the service each offer, etc.


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