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Revelations Of Heaven And Hell Pdf

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By Evang. Godwin U. This book is free for all lovers of this Great book for this Christmas and New year period as a gift, collect your copy now before the price will be tag again.

A Divine Revelation of Heaven

This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Words: 11, Pages: She witnessed Jesus weeping as He overlooked multitudes of souls lost forever, a world that has rejected Him, a Church that is mostly unprepared for Him, a people that have stopped witnessing to the lost, and an entertainment industry that even lures children to satan.

She saw the Latina singer Selena Quintanilla Perez in hell. Selena told her to tell the people on earth not to listen to or sing her songs. She also saw Pope John Paul the second in hell. She testifies that Michael Jackson is in hell. She also saw kids in hell. She saw a vision of the rapture, and saw some pregnant women who were left on Earth but their babies were raptured out of their stomach. She witnessed many of our esteemed cultural icons suffering in the Pit; singers, entertainers, and even a pope.

Angelica was also shown how the Kingdom of Heaven is all wonderfully prepared and ready, an unimaginable glorious place, where no evil exists. Now, finally translated into English, it will probably be just as contentious here. We were fasting for 15 days, and crying out to God. My daughter Angelica also joined us. We were praying and fasting at the retreat, and even continued praying and crying out at home, waiting for God to speak to us. The Lord gave us much encouragement.

Because of our trials, we were often ready to give up, but the Lord was there to help us. But God pulled me out of there. On, my 15th Birthday, I was reconciled to the Lord, but I was still double-minded. He is going to change you. I want You to write my name in the Book of Life and to accept me as Your child. But, as time passed by I felt no change. The only difference was that I began to attend church, to read the Bible and to pray.

That was the only change in my life. Then, in August, I was invited to fast for 15 days. It was as if the Lord had not seen me, and that hurt. Are You here? Are You with me? You speak so many things to other people, even words of prophecy, but not me. I want You to make a difference in me; I want to be different. But He gave me strength. I started to hear His voice and know Him better. We became good friends. The Lord is our best friend, the Holy Spirit.

He is going to show you Heaven and Hell because you have been asking, from Jeremiah Some sisters from our church, and others from my family were there with us praying. They were large and shining, and seemed transparent, brilliant as gold.

They wore crystal sandals and had on holy garments. After we finished prayer, I could still see them there. I could see Him, transparent and brilliant at the same time; with a brilliant countenance, I could see His smile and His loving gaze! I can hardly describe Him, because He is more beautiful than angels. The angels have their own beauty, but the Holy Spirit is far more beautiful than they are!

I could hear His audible voice, a voice full of love, a passionate voice. We were going through very difficult moments, but victorious ones at the same time. I was so happy, so full of joy because I could actually see them! The servant of the Lord, who visited my house, told me to prepare myself, because I was going to see Heaven and Hell.

But he also told me something difficult. The Holy Spirit was there along with the angels and I would rejoice. I also used to believe this, but after I met the Lord and the Holy Spirit, I know the gospel is not boring, it is the most beautiful experience you can have on Earth!

But the angels would not talk to me, but they would praise the Lord. I could feel and see Him. I saw Him when He would rise to His feet, and would even prepare a seat for Him. When I consider where He pulled me out from, what I was before, I am so thankful for His mercy, for all His love toward humanity and toward me!

Let him be at my home this instant, before I arrive, and let him tell me that today I will die. He knew what I would request of Him. So when I arrived home, the servant of the Lord was already there. Maxima: When my daughter got home, we were in the kitchen.

Are you ready? For today is the day that the Lord will take you, at 4 PM. I started to smile and laugh while everyone was looking at me. They could all see that I went from being dismal to joyful. I was smiling, jumping and singing. Maxima: My daughter instantly felt joy in her heart and started eating. Maxima: My daughter started giving her things away. She gave everything away, everything! Our church sisters were with us, as usual, and she gave something to every one of them.

But I felt so happy, that I started giving everything away: my clothes, my bed, my cell phone, everything, with one condition: If I come back, everything must be returned to me. They all started laughing. Maxima: She was very determined, but as a mother I felt so much sorrow. As they started praying, I was arranging thing in the house. Just let me finish this task.

So some of us went into the room and anointed her. He gave us two minutes to anoint her all over, from her hair down, everything, all her body. She was fully anointed. But as they were anointing me, I felt something covering me, like a glass that was surrounding me. After that, when they tried to touch me, they no longer could. She had some type of covering around her.

It was strange, nobody could touch her! This covering started at the top of her head to her feet, about 30cm 12 inches. That was what shocked me the most. Suddenly, I felt great joy. The sorrow in my heart was gone, the pain was gone, and I now felt joyful and happy! We continued praying and about at PM, my daughter fell to the floor. I felt a pain in my abdomen and in my heart. I felt my blood going dormant, and tremendous pain all over my body.

I had no strength, it was leaving me! When I looked up to heaven, in the spiritual realm, not with my physical eyes, I saw heaven opening up. In the midst of the millions of angels, I saw a Light, 10, times brighter than the sun. At this time, we were able to touch her. We kept on praying and pleading with the Lord. The Lord took her life! Never before in my life had I seen anybody die.

I had to see my daughter, as she was agonizing! It was not easy at all! I placed my hand on her face, and a mirror to her mouth, to see if she was breathing. She had no breath, she just stood still.

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Baxter --ForewordThe inspired writings of Mary Kathryn Baxter are divinely anointed by God, and they have blessed hundreds of thousands of people. I believe it is of utmost importance to widely disseminate the message that God has given to her. She shares these experiences in hundreds of churches each year, and she has now put them down in book previous book, A Divine Revelation of Hell, has been especially used of God to deliver the eternal message of salvation to the lost. It has been widely received with enthusiasm by people all over the world, having been printed in many different countries and in many different languages. Baxter Foreword The inspired writings of Mary Kathryn Baxter are divinely anointed by God, and they have blessed hundreds of. Heaven , Revelation , Divine , A divine revelation of heaven. Link to this page:.

Brother Othusitse Mmusi has been taken to Heaven and Hell many times. In this /revelation-of-heaven-and-hell-by-bro-othusitse-mmusipdf.

Heaven in Christianity

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With so many Christian websites promoting this book, we felt it was time to primarily for those who have already read the book and believe that it was written by John Bunyan, the great author of Pilgrim's Progress. We do not suggest that one should read the book. This book is very dangerous and one should not subject his mind to unscriptural things. We will prove beyond a shadow of doubt that John Bunyan did NOT even write the "Visions of Heaven and Hell" book and thus the credibility of the author who did, in fact, write this book is in question. The book is a fake-- plain and simple.


A Divine Revelation of Heaven & Hell download

Jesus is alive and still speaks to people today just as He did when he was with His disciples on the earth. In this site, you will hear and read experiences that people have with Jesus, Hell, or God's eternal kingdom in heaven; whether by vision, dream, or spiritual visitation. Elwood Scott. Paradise, the Holy City and the Glory of the Throne. Carmelo Brenes. Rescued from Hell.

Divine Revelation of Heaven and Hell. Life After Death Experiences. Visions of Heaven. Visions of Hell. People Raised Back from the Dead.

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In A Divine Revelation of Heaven, after thirty nights in which God gave her visions of the depths of. Here is an account of the place and beings of hell contrasted with the glories. Follow Mary in her supernatural journey as she enters with Jesus into a gateway to hell. Be an eyewitness to the various punishments of lost souls and. This book is a reminder that each of us needs to accept the miracle of. Download EBOoK?

In Christianity , heaven is traditionally the location of the throne of God and the angels of God, [2] [3] and in most forms of Christianity it is the abode of the righteous dead in the afterlife. In some Christian denominations it is understood as a temporary stage before the resurrection of the dead and the saints ' return to the New Earth. In the Book of Acts , the resurrected Jesus ascends to heaven where, as the Nicene Creed states, he now sits at the right hand of God and will return to earth in the Second Coming. According to Catholic , Eastern Orthodox , and Oriental Orthodox teaching, Mary, mother of Jesus , is said to have been assumed into heaven without the corruption of her earthly body; she is venerated as Queen of Heaven. In the Christian Bible , concepts about Christian eschatology , the future " kingdom of heaven ", and the resurrection of the dead are found, particularly in the book of Revelation and in 1 Corinthians The 1st century early Jewish-Christians , from whom Christianity developed as a Gentile religion, believed that the kingdom of God was coming to earth within their own lifetimes, and looked forward to a divine future on earth.

Core values guide us in carrying out our mission and realizing our vision. The Book of Revelation raises questions that many of us would rather not think about: Does hell exist?

This is one of the great testimony of heaven and hell. Is angelica zambranos testimony of experiencing heaven and hell biblically sound. Next article computer scientistengineer experienced frightening neardeath experience of hell, glorious vision of heaven.

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