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Progress on Proving the Mass gap for Yang Mills and Gravity (Maybe it’s already proven…)

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Yang–Mills existence and mass gap

The point is to define the limiting continuum field theory. In principle, this might even be done without taking limits. The Hamiltonian, the operator on the quantum Hilbert space which generates time translations, has a square root called the supercharge. Here we use the Moon model and Parfait logic. Furthermore, although one has changed the problem, one still has a fairly close relation to the original problem using the ideology of the renormalization group. We can start with a supersymmetric theory, and add supersymmetry breaking terms to the action which only become important at long distances as many lattice spacings, to obtain a theory with the better renormalization properties of the supersymmetric theory at short distances, but which reduces to conventional Yang-Mills theory at longer distances. Thus, a solution to the problem in a sufficiently general class of supersymmetric theories, would in fact imply the solution of the original problem.

Yang-Mills Mass Gap Clay Institute Problem Solution

For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions for enabling JavaScript in your web browser. Proving and constructing viable Yang Mills Gauge is a key concern for the Standard Model and an open problem. It has only be solved on lattices.

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MathOverflow is a question and answer site for professional mathematicians. It only takes a minute to sign up. We are looking to run a working seminar about the Yang-Mills story. We hope that our seminars is of interest to analysts working with curvatures and Ricci flows on Riemannian manifolds , the algebraists working on Lie algebras and Lie groups , and, of course, math physicists. If we manage to understand something about the Clay problem in this direction, that would be great, but it is not strictly necessary. The seminar is to run for a year.

The problem is phrased as follows: [1]. The general problem of determining the presence of a spectral gap in a system is known to be undecidable. Will this change in the 21st century? We hope so! The problem requires the construction of a QFT satisfying the Wightman axioms and showing the existence of a mass gap.

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Oliver B.

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Faustin L.

A peer-reviewed article of this Preprint also exists.


Gilbert P.

Report on the Status of the Yang-Mills. Millenium Prize Problem. Michael R. Douglas. April Yang-Mills Existence and Mass Gap: Prove that for any.



called ”Yang-Mills Existence and Mass Gap”. The detailed statement of the problem, written by A. Jaffe and E. Witten [2], gives both motivation.



With this work, we try to answer 3 fundamental questions that have plagued mathematicians and physicists for several decades.


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