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Look Inside. This magical emporium also featured Otis elevators, a bank, a rooftop garden with an ice-skating rink, and a restaurant complete with orchestra—all catering to customers from Anna Pavlova to Noel Coward.

Selfridge Provincial Stores

This magical emporium also featured Otis elevators, a bank, a rooftop garden with an ice-skating rink, and a restaurant complete with orchestra—all catering to customers from Anna Pavlova to Noel Coward.

Selfridge navigated an extravagant world of mistresses, opulent mansions, racehorses, and an insatiable addiction to gambling. Read more Read less. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Previous page. Gayle Soucek. Kindle Edition. Fergus Mason. Harry Gordon Selfridge. Maria Malone. Gary Chapman. Next page. Lindy Woodhead worked in international fashion public relations for over twenty-five years and in the late 80s became the first woman on the board of directors of Harvey Nichols.

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There are 0 reviews and 2 ratings from Australia. Top reviews from other countries. Verified Purchase. This book exhausted me! I swung between admiring his creative vision, determination and innovation, and wanting to give him a very hard punch between the eyes for the disrespectful way he treated his wife and family. I totally agree and the author has made this clear. I liked how the story of Selfridge was fleshed out by reference to his beginnings, the stories of his contemporaries and the people he worked for in Chicago before coming over to England, and could see the showmanship that I think Jeremy Piven has perfectly portrayed.

But for all that, I think him a sad character, really. How much more of a success would he have been with real moral fibre? And I was very, very annoyed with him. What on earth did he have to prove?

I realise most people are flawed, but such a public display of these real weaknesses and frailties would have made him an object of derision, whether he realised it or not. I seriously think Selfridge had a distorted view of himself and thought himself on a par with nobility. The scenes in the TV show when his son Gordon marries a girl who works in the store is based in reality, though the children of that marriage never met their famous grandfather because he disapproved of the marriage.

Excuse me? How did he start his career himself? This attitude makes a mockery of the real acts of kindness that he undertook. He comes across as a person of real contrasts in this telling.

Despite my annoyance with Harry, I felt sad at his demise, but ultimately, he was the architect of his own downfall. Such a shame that a brilliant man did not possess the common sense that would have made him a real success as a person.

It took me a while to get used to Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge though this may be partly due to having seen the excellent well I thought so!

TV series before reading the book. It's important to realise that the series is inspired by the book rather than the other way round. The book doesn't include the stories of the various employees of the store which are featured in the drama though Harry Selfridge, his immediate family and a few other associates are present in book and screen.

What the book is more about is a semi-academic study of the history of retail in the late 19th and early 20th century in Britain and the United States as well as corresponding social trends. On these issues, it is often a fascinating read even when the prose doesn't quite flow as well as it could. Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge is well worth reading as long as you are not expecting the story of the TV series.

An interesting and worthwhile read. One person found this helpful. I have just been reading Emile Zola's legendary 'Au bonheur des dames' about a Parisian department store, which apparently inspired a BBC mini-series which I missed. But Zola's tale was fiction; it seemed natural to build on that by reading the true story of visionary Harry Gordon Selfridge and his iconic London store.

This edition is a tie-in to that series, albeit without the sometimes gross 'artistic licence' of the TV's fictional interpretation.

Selfridge was undoubtedly a maverick character, a true showman, yet his legacy was to build a Cathedral to Commerce on Oxford Street at a time when London was on the cusp of unprecedented social change. Lindy Woodhead captures that era in a gripping way. Look, as an indicator of how good a read this is, I received the book just four hours ago, and I was already on page when I reluctantly put it down to make some fresh coffee and pen this review!! So now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to read on The TV series sparked my interest to read the real story - Selfridges was part of my childhood some 60 years ago.

Dont however expect a spin off from the TV series - this is a book about the real people and you quickly realise just how much of the TV programme is complete fiction with only very loose connections to reality. If differences between films and books upset you then I suggest not the best read for you - but if you are interested in the history then it is very good. I just wish these books could be read aloud using Text to speech as some engines ivona are now good enough to use for listening to books.

Eventually had to fork out for an audio book which for me is unecessary if I could use TTS especially as I have an app which keeps the audio listening in sync with visual reading meaning you can alternate between the different modes I listen to a lot of books when driving, which I dont find distracting and helps to pass the time and keep me alert on long journeys but when I get to the end of the journey I like to continue reading on screen.

Report abuse. This is a terrific overview of the whole period regarding not just Mr Selfridge, but shopping and other leisure pursuits too. The notes at the end show just how much hard work went into this. It's not just the information - which is fascinating for all sorts, not just historians, but anyone interested in commercialism or social studies - but the way Woodhead has written this is seamless and fantastically enjoyable.

Although the book follows the chronology of Selfridge's life, it weaves in the period and the crucial events so fully, you feel you are reading something much more than just what the title is telling you. If you think it will just be fluff, it really isn't; it gives a valuable insight into many cultural issues. It paints a vivid picture of both London and Chicago and has even made me want to visit the latter! It's also fascinating to discover how many marketing tricks are all down to the great Mr Selfridge.

Wonderful read and easy to dip in and out of if you are reading on the train etc. Highly recommend. See all reviews. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Length: pages. Word Wise: Enabled.

Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled. Page Flip: Enabled. Audible Narration: Audible Narration Switch back and forth between reading the Kindle book and listening to the Audible narration. Language: English.

Shopping, Seduction & Mr. Selfridge (2013)

A fascinating dual biography of the women who founded today's beauty industryThey were both born in the nineteenth century in humble circumstances-Helena Rubinstein in an orthodox Jewish household in Krakow, Poland, Elizabeth Arden on a farm outsi Du kanske gillar. War Paint Lindy Woodhead Inbunden. War Paint Lindy Woodhead Ljudbok. War Paint Lindy Woodhead E-bok. Trial of Thomas O. Selfridge, Attorney at Law, Before the Hon.

Selfridge, By Lindy Woodhead we offer below is not type of typical book. Selfridge, By Lindy Woodhead in your hand. Selfridge, By Lindy Woodhead in your device. Selfridge, By Lindy Woodhead The content and all things are same. Selfridge, By Lindy Woodhead , whereas, this condition will exactly be profitable. Selfridge, By Lindy Woodhead publication is one of your remedies to take. Selfridge, By Lindy Woodhead will give you the appropriate resource as well as point to obtain motivations.

Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge. My book is about the life and times of Harry Gordon Selfridge, the mercurial American retail genius who came over from Chicago to London in to plan, build and open his own store. He had worked for 25 years at Marshall Field in Chicago and brought with him a fair bit of money and a lot of expertise in the most sparkling, modern retail, design and shop-fitting techniques — most of them unheard of in London at that time. The book is set in , so tell us about your reaserch process into this period in history. I had already done a lot of research into the years for my first book War Paint which covered the lives of Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden who created the luxury beauty business and in particular Helena Rubinstein who opened her beauty salon in Grafton Street, Mayfair in

Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge by Lindy Woodhead

Search this site. The mastermind behind the faade was American retail genius Harry Gordon Selfridge: maverick businessman, risk-taker, dandy and one of the greatest showmen the retail world has ever known. His talents were to create the seduction of shopping, and as his success and fame grew, so did his glittering lifestyle: mansions, yachts, gambling, racehorses - and mistresses.

This magical emporium also featured Otis elevators, a bank, a rooftop garden with an ice-skating rink, and a restaurant complete with orchestra—all catering to customers from Anna Pavlova to Noel Coward. Selfridge navigated an extravagant world of mistresses, opulent mansions, racehorses, and an insatiable addiction to gambling. Read more Read less.

The Representation of the Protagonist Harry Gordon Selfridge in the TV Series

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Historical and theoretical background 2. In this sense, shopping is no longer considered a pure economic act. Rather, it is regarded as an act being strongly associated with illusion, desires, self-fulfillment, seduction and dreams. With their innovative interior and exterior architecture, their overwhelming range of goods coming from all over the world, and their leisure time facilities, they manage to fascinate us. Many of this type of store include cinemas, theater shows, fitness center or sometimes even miniature golf courses or bowling centers. March 15, marks the birth of one of these great department stores, still sustaining its position in British society today: Selfridges.

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READ PDF Shopping, Seduction & Mr. Selfridge By Lindy Woodhead

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