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Useful And Harmful Effects Of Microorganisms Pdf

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Microbes are omnipresent in the biosphere, and their presence invariably affects the environment in which they grow. The effects of microbes on their environment can be beneficial or harmful or inapparent with regard to human measure or observation.

what are the harmful effects of microorganisms and the advantages of microorganisms?

Microorganisms are the dominant life forms on earth, are found in almost every conceivable environment, and are essential to sustaining life on this planet. There are five basic groups of microorganisms:. To get us started on our introduction of microorganisms we will go through the following Think-Pair-Share Questions. This tube contains 7 milliliters of a culture of Escherichia coli. The total number of bacteria in this tube is equal to:. Are microbes such as bacteria mostly beneficial or harmful?

Bacteria are microscopic, single-celled organisms that exist in their millions, in every environment, both inside and outside other organisms. Some bacteria are harmful, but most serve a useful purpose. They support many forms of life, both plant and animal, and they are used in industrial and medicinal processes. Bacteria are thought to have been the first organisms to appear on earth, about 4 billion years ago. The oldest known fossils are of bacteria-like organisms. Bacteria can use most organic and some inorganic compounds as food, and some can survive extreme conditions. A growing interest in the function of the gut microbiome is shedding new light on the roles bacteria play in human health.

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What are bacteria and what do they do?

Bacteria are unique microorganisms that have a variety of physiological functions which are beneficial to human beings. However, bacteria can also be harmful and cause infections if translocated from the gastrointestinal tract to the epithelial tissue following surgery. The process of translocation can lead to surgical wounds becoming contaminated with gastrointestinal microbes such as Escherichia coli, Proteus or Klebsiella species. Bacteria can also cause severe gastrointestinal infections as a consequence of the ingestion of contaminated food. Food-borne bacterial infections can lead to serious consequences for the patient. Nurses managing the care of surgical patients and older people need to be aware of the physiological role that bacteria play but also the detrimental effects of bacterial translocation or ingestion particularly in older people, infants and people who are immunosuppressed.

Print this Page. Looking for the most current news, updates, and articles relating to microbiology, go to The American Society for Microbiology educational website Microbe World. Print this Page To search the entire book, enter a term or phrase in the form below. The effects of microorganisms on their environment can be beneficial or harmful or inapparent with regard to human measure or observation. Since a good part of this text concerns harmful activities of microbes i. The beneficial effects of microbes derive from their metabolic activities in the environment, their associations with plants and animals, and from their use in food production and biotechnological processes. An organic compound always contains C and H and is symbolized as CH 2 O the empirical formula for glucose.

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Microorganisms, in the form of viruses, fungi and bacteria, are everywhere. While the most familiar microorganisms are harmful, such as the flu and the common cold, many microorganisms are incredibly helpful. They have uses everywhere from agriculture to cutting-edge medical technology. Every year, researchers are finding new uses and benefits of microorganisms to be applied in medicine, infrastructure, cooking and other areas.

Microorganisms occupy every small niche of the ecosystem and influence us in many ways. Their influence on human life is generally beneficial but at times can also be detrimental.

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It's that simple. Microbial communities make the essential elements of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur available for other life on our planet. Without microbial decomposer communities, life would be smothered in dead organisms. Microorganisms also carry out almost half of the photosynthesis on our planet, increasing oxygen levels and lowering carbon dioxide Pedros-Alio, Both animals and plants are closely associated with microbial communities that make nutrients more available, provide protection from diseases, make essential vitamins, or a combination. For example, each human body hosts 10 microorganisms for every human cell, and these microbes contribute to digestion, produce vitamin K, promote development of the immune system, and detoxify harmful chemicals. And, of course, microbes are essential to making many foods we enjoy, such as bread, cheese, and wine.

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Bacteria and the gastrointestinal tract: beneficial and harmful effects

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Scientists have observed bacteria using microscopes to identify them. But it is the living processes that bacteria use and the wastes they give off that can be used either for human benefit or that cause disease. Scientists believe it was the chemical processes of early cyanobacteria, harnessing the energy from the sun, that released the oxygen that makes up our atmosphere. It took approximately 2 billion years for the bacteria to build up enough oxygen in the atmosphere to allow for the evolution of multi-cellular organisms. Bacteria have long been used by humans to create food products such as cheese, yoghurt, pickles, soy sauce and vinegar. We are also able to use bacteria to break down our sewage and to clean up oil spills. Many bacteria are very fast growing — under ideal conditions, Escherichia coli E.

They are found everywhere, in soil, air, water, on your skin and in your guts. Most of the time, when they are in the right place the majority of micro-organisms are not harmful to people and often do a lot of good such as breaking down waste and making bread. There is a huge variety of micro-organisms. They can work alone or in colonies. They can help you or hurt you. Most importantly, they make up the largest number of living organisms on the planet. There are trillions of trillions of trillions of microbes around the Earth.

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organisms and their waste, and observation of microorganismsʼ effects on an environment and other everywhere, and are both helpful and harmful.


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The effects of microorganisms on their environment can be beneficial or harmful or inapparent with regard to human measure or observation.


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