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Published: 31.05.2021

Impact of Recruitment and selection of HR Department Practices

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Use of this Web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Special Issues. Contact Us. Change code. Effective organizational performances rely on the proper allocation of human resources in different functional areas. Proper recruitment and selection procedure helps an organization to allocate right type of qualified employees in the proper job position for ensuring organizational effectiveness. The banking sector is playing a crucial role in the economic advancement of Bangladesh through generating job opportunities and recruiting huge number of candidates in each year.

Recruitment and Selection for Company Culture

The journal aims to provide a forum for publication and dissemination of scientific research conducted in the fields of management, as well as promote the interconnection of academic research with practical reality. It is intended to disseminate the scientific results obtained by academics and professionals, both nationally or internationally. The journal is based on a process of double blind review. The paper is based on qualitative case studies of companies located in Portugal. The data were collected through semi-structured interviews of 42 expatriates and 18 organisational representatives as well from nine Portuguese companies. The findings show that the most important criteria are: 1 trust from managers, 2 years in service, 3 previous technical and language competences, 4 organisational knowledge and, 5 availability. Based on the findings, the article discusses in detail the main theoretical and managerial implications.

What should recruiters be looking for when they are selecting managers or potential managers? Standard methods of recruitment are examined and new ways are rwcommended, based on the author's experience of four major needs: the needs of the job itself, the current needs of the team that will work with the jobholder, the needs of the organisation and the needs of the future. Bergwerk, J. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback. You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here.

The banking industry is one of the major sectors contributing to the Bangladesh economy; it needs a considerable number of qualified and potential employees to attain the organization's goal. This study's main objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process in the banking industry of Bangladesh based on the perception and experience of recently recruited employees in different private and public limited banks. Primary data were used to conduct a quantitative analysis for the following research problem. Therefore, 84 samples were retrieved out of samples. Diagnostic test concludes that primary data are not normally distributed.

Global Journal of Human Resource Management. Vol.3, No.2, pp, However, the recruitment and selection of employees also provides an opportunity for.

Impact of Recruitment and selection of HR Department Practices

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Gallen, Dufourstrasse 40a, St. Gallen, Switzerland. However, with the recent COVID pandemic, organizations suddenly have to navigate the unprecedented and thereby find new solutions to challenges arising across many areas of their operations.

The Impact of Recruitment and Selection Criteria on Organizational Performance.

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Employees Perception on Recruitment and Selection Process in Banking Sector of Bangladesh

The result of the study shows that Basic Bank discourages the employee referral based recruitment process and it relies more on external sources of recruitment. It is also found that this bank has an extensive selection process consisting of CV screening, employment tests, interviews and background checks. At the end of the study some suggestions are made to review the recruitment and selection policies of Basic Bank that will lead to higher employee retention and improved organizational performance. Downloads PDF.

In Australia, unemployment and under-employment continue to be significant issues experienced bymigrants from non-English-speaking backgrounds NESB. Despite these immigrants having relevant qualifications, skills, and work experience, a high proportion have difficulties in obtaining employment in Australian organisations. Communication or language proficiency has been identified as one of the primary causal factors. Moreover, studies have identified the importance of communication as a key competency sought by managers and recruiters in all job applicants. Given the importance of making employment decisions more objective and measurable to meet anti-discrimination requirements, this study examines the perceptions of managers and recruitment specialists about the communication skills that are essential for successful recruitment and selection. Subsequently, areas for inteNention are highlighted.

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Marphisa L.

Whilst all aspects of human resource management HRM are important, it is noted that the point of entry into the Public Service is through a recruitment and selection process.


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